/sbin/pump scriptability patch

This patch is deprecated. pump-0.7.8, which ships with Red Hat Linux 6.2, now includes its own scripting directives in /etc/pump.conf. See "man pump" for details.
This is a patch to pump-0.7.2, which ships with Red Hat Linux 6.1. It adds a config file directive that allows you to process all the information that is received from the DHCP server through a script of your own devising. This allows unusual setups to customize how they interpret DHCP directives.

For example, I have a laptop with VMWare running on it. I run my own named that serves the VMWare client machines, even when I'm not connected to any "real" network. So I want resolv.conf always to point to my own machine. However, at the same time, I want to take advantage of the fast DNS servers on-site wherever I am, so I want my /etc/named.conf forwarders line updated with the DNS servers that DHCP gave me. In addition, if, by checking the IP address and domain name, I determine that I'm either at home or at work, I want to set my /etc/smb.conf workgroup name appropriately, so I can be a "member" of the site-appropriate NT domains. And various other things too peculiar to mention.

In order to accomodate all this, I began by writing my own site-specific patch to pump. However, I don't really want to have to recompile every time I change configuration. So clearly the right answer was to have pump pass its data on to an easily updated external entity, such as a Perl or Bourne script, that will then do the real damage. That's what this patch allows.

Several people have reported success with this patch and no-one has yet reported any failures or problems, but that doesn't mean you won't be the first.

pump-0.7.2gm1.patch - source patch in unified diff format (13k)

pump-0.7.2gm1-1.i386.rpm - binary RPM for the Intel platform (43k)

pump-0.7.2gm1-1.src.rpm - source RPM (38k)

Older version, compiled against Lorax (Red Hat 6.1 beta):
pump-0.7.1gm1.patch - source patch in unified diff format (13k)
pump-0.7.1gm1-1.i386.rpm - binary RPM for the Intel platform (43k)
pump-0.7.1gm1-1.src.rpm - source RPM (38k)

Last updated: 6/22/2000
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