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Note (8/28/14): This page hasn't been updated in more than 10 years. At this point, it should be considered a historical artifact only. For more current information about me, you can view my profile on LinkedIn.

NetTime is a simple, free time synchronizer for Windows 95/98/NT. Now that Windows 2000 and XP include built-in NTP support, there isn't much reason for it to continue to exist, but it's still useful for people who are still running 9X for whatever reason.
Ancient Linux stuff I did a long time ago:

DHCP Log Quieter (8/30/99)
IPX RIP/SAP patch for RH6 (9/1/99)
/sbin/pump scriptability patch (1/26/00)

I started work a few years ago on a distance learning MBA from Heriot-Watt University. Someday perhaps I'll have time to finish it.

Here are some notes I made while studying--perhaps others may find them useful:
Accounting.doc (Microsoft Word 97 format) [276k]
Economics.doc (Microsoft Word 97 format with embedded Visio 5.0 diagrams) [655k]

Delphi FAQ: I first learned Turbo Pascal 2.0 on a CP/M system, in 1984. Unfortunately, TP/BP didn't quite keep up with the Windows revolution, so I was forced to spend a few dark years working in Visual Basic. However, when Delphi was released in 1995, I gave up VB forever (knock wood). While I was learning Delphi, I wrote a FAQ, which is preserved here in text and HTML formats. Since this FAQ only covers Delphi 1.0 and has not been updated in several years, it is only really of historical interest. At one point I started a FAQ-O-Matic to try to bring this up to speed with current versions of Delphi, but there wasn't much interest, so it's gone away now.

Last updated: 7/19/2004

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